Classic Coachworks

Sewing Services

We pride ourselves on our efficient techniques and excellent sewing quality. Our comprehensive range of computerised sewing equipment include single needle lockstitch machines, twin needle post machines, binding and folding machines. All machines incorporate sewing guides for accuracy and quality.

There are a great variety of applications for use including:

  • All forms of upholstery from domestic to commercial.
  • Automotive, marine and transport interiors.
  • Product can be made from leather, fabric or other heavy, medium and lightweight industrial materials.
  • Computerised equipment is essential when manufacturing with technical fabrics and textiles.
  • Filter manufacturing for mining and industrial purposes.
  • Sealing services
  • Hot-air and hot-wedge tape sealing machines.
  • Seam sealing offers water-tight protection and strength of seams for a variety of applications from marine to transport.