Classic Coachworks

Fabric Cutting Services

Die Cutting

Die cutting as opposed to manual cutting is used for speed and accuracy. In conjunction with our digital cutting system, all facets of the cutting process are comprehensively covered. Die stamping is used for small and complicated shapes. It can cut a variety of components from leather to man-made materials, sheet and extruded plastics.


CAD/ CAM - Digital Cutting System

Computer aided design (CAD) is an integral part of the digital cutting system. Digitising on a pressure sensitive table allows for the quick construction of detailed computer patterns. It ensures quality, accuracy and uniformity of pattern making.

Our digital cutter is a high speed, static table cutting system, designed to cut a variety of materials and fabrics. Cutting accuracy is to within thousandths of an inch; at speeds up to 1.1m/sec. Automated cutters are not only faster than manual cutters but what you do with them can be repeated exactly - time after time.

It easily cuts cloth, composites, leather, industrial fabrics and most other rolled goods for use in automotive, transport, marine, aerospace, furniture and other industries.